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Indian Visa Information Center

The Indian Visa Information Centre was established with a view to help visa applicants to get the required type of Indian visa while visiting our country. The centre is a repository of all India visa related information that exists under the sun. While it is a well known fact that a valid International passport and a visa are mandatory requirements to enter our country as a tourist, nevertheless it has been observed that the applicants are still facing hurdles with the procedure for applying for an Indian visa.

Over the years, the contemporary practice of applying for a visa personally in the embassy’s/consulates or nodes has been done away with and it has become essential and compulsory to apply for an Indian visa through Online Indian Visa Application Form and submit the print out duly signed by the applicant with all the necessary documents at the nearest visa application centre/consulate or embassy. When applying for an Indian visa be sure to be in possession of a valid passport with at least 6 months validity, a signed Indian Visa application form, 2 colored passport photographs with front view and white background, proof of residential address and letter of invitation from India.

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  • The visa on arrival facility has been extended by India to tourists of over 180 countries. A step in the right direction- It will have far reaching and positive consequences on the economics of tourism.

  • "The facility will provide a major boost to the country's tourism sector. This is historic," Mr Shukla said.

  • Tourists travelling to India from 180 countries will no longer have to queue at their local consulates to obtain visas after New Delhi announced a "historic" overhaul of its strict visa regime.

  • Citizens from eight countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iraq have not been included in the changes for security reasons.
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  • What is the validity of an Indian Visa?
  • How long does it take to get a visa?
  • What are the basic requirements to obtain a visa?
  • What are the various types of visa which can be applied for?
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Tips and security
  • Make sure you have a signed, valid passport and visas, if required. Fill in the emergency information page of your passport before you go.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended in public areas. Do not accept packages from strangers.